What's The Talent Made For You?

Everybody has a talent. Sports, art, music, dance, just everybody has one. Because everyone knows, if you keep believing, you can do anything. Really.

Do you know what your true talent is? Take this quiz to find out. Note that the answers might not be correct. I did this cause I was bored. So.. Ya ya ya.

Created by: Popstar9783
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  1. How good are you at singing?
  2. When your in an area surrounded by nature you:
  3. Your friends are playing sports:
  4. When your friend brags she can do a split:
  5. Your forced to dance in front of an crowd for the talent show:
  6. You have to pick between music and art:
  7. In music you choose to:
  8. You have to pick a kind of dance:
  9. Favorite Colors:
  10. What I Think Of Sports:
  11. Random Question. Liked this quiz?

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