What Is Your Hidden Talent?

Artistic legends, dance legends, musical legends, literary legends.. There are so many famous people in the world, past, present, and history that are renowned for their remarkable abilities. We've all heard of them we know them. Have you ever wondered if you have an ability to compare? Ever thought that YOU might be a legend one day? Take this quiz and find out!!

Some people have a hidden ability that they didn't even know they posses. You might find a certain activity enjoyable not knowing that underneath lies a talent and a passion for that same activity. You might like to hum along to your mp3 player and not know that you have a talent that could become famous one day. So take this quiz and find out where your hidden ability lies.. Maybe you;ll thank me for this one day... Lol GO!!!

Created by: the cookie monster
  1. Where do you like to go on your free day?
  2. If you had one chance to meet a famous person who would it be?
  3. What's your favorite movie of these?
  4. What kind of charity would you like to start?
  5. Which of these sounds most fun to do?
  6. Do you think you have a hidden ability?(no effect my homies)
  7. What one item would you like to own?
  8. Are you in anything in school?
  9. What do you seem to think when you're in a beautiful scenery?
  10. Ahh my loves.. The grand finale... What was the scene mentioned in number 11?
  11. One more question.. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Hidden Talent?