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  • We thank you, oh Monolith, for revealing the cunning plans of your enemies to us.

    May your light shine down on the souls of the brave soldiers who gave their lives in service to your will.

    Onward warriors of the Monolith, avenge your fallen brothers, blessed as they are in their eternal union with the Monolith.

    Bring death to those who spurned the holy power of the Monolith

  • I am a loner, that's what I expected ehehe. also it's crazy that this quiz was suddenly recomended to me...im never even on this website, hey gotoquiz, are you spying on me or something? how'd you know I like s.t.a.l.k.e.r.???

  • More extreme questions are better .
    Good efforts , johnathan

    jemah jempot
  • I was a LONER:i liked the quiz i guess, but....WHO WHE HECK IS MOLIDAN-thing...?!

    • The MONOLITH is the best. All hail the Monolith. ! It is a holy rock in the center of the zone which has infinite power. Worship it!


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