What round will you be drafted NFL

This is a quiz that will SE where in the NFL draft you will be drafted, whether it is in the 1st round,2nd round, etc. You will be sure to be anxious if you get drafted

I hope this quiz gets the thrill of how it is like in the real NFL draft, you can play with your character in madden, so if you are drafted high you can create him to be a high draft pick

Created by: Ryan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your combine grade
  2. How fast is your 40 time
  3. How high were you recruited
  4. What college did you go to
  5. How many years did you start
  6. Are you a disciplined player
  7. Have you had scouts come to your pro day
  8. Did you break any records at your college
  9. What would you say your NCAA football rating would be
  10. How much money would you want on your rookie contract
  11. Your preferred team
  12. What are you projected to go
  13. Where you invited to go to the draft
  14. With the_ pick of the 2018 draft

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Quiz topic: What round will I be drafted NFL