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You have come to the world of Liran. There is a legend that the world there is flat. No one knows for sure yet. It might be flat or round. You are going to set sail soon though, so you might see if it is flat or round.

You might also find buried treasure. Along the way , you encounter problems. Your goal is not to see if the world there is flat or round really , but to have an adventure.

Created by: takethispoll

  1. You are in the World of Liran. You just bought a ship. What is your goal?
  2. Who do you choose to be your crew?
  3. What direction will you sail?
  4. You have started to sail. You have lost sight of land.
  5. It has been a month. The ocean is big, so you still have a long time to sail. But, there is a problem. You are running out of food. Some of your crew is mad at you for not bringing enough food.
  6. There is starting to be a storm. The wind is blowing. The waves are large and the ship is rocking back and forth.
  7. The storm is starting to end. It ended up being okay. You glimpse an island in the distance. You say to your crew...
  8. You have gotten to the island. It turns out that there is a ship anchored by it and people on the island.
  9. The people fight you regardless of what you chose. You win and they flee. Now what do you do?
  10. You haven't found any treasure yet. But, your crewmates say you might be near the end of the flat world of Liran. If you leave what direction do you go?

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