What Relationship Are You In

people dont know what type of relationship there in soo this quiz will help u too kno the results are not 100% true but i tried my very best soo enjoy this quiz an i hope everyone gets the good result not the bad results

are you in a Good relationship? do You and your partner need counseling? well take this quiz for ur benefit too help kno wat relationship ur in and if ur in a bad relationship i hope it gets better.

Created by: brooke

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you 2 get in aa arguement what will ur partner do
  2. in your own opinion wat would u describe your relationship with your partner
  3. do you love your partner
  4. wat famous couple would your relationship be close to
  5. whos your partner favorite artist
  6. has your partner ever hit you
  7. do you 2 argue alot
  8. do you think its love or lust
  9. do you think your patner is your soulmate
  10. do u 2 abuse eachother like any kind of abuse
  11. would you risk ur life for ur partner
  12. does ur partner treat u rite
  13. has ur partner ever cheat on u

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Quiz topic: What Relationship am I In