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  • American idol yey

    pamela 1330 Aug 7 '15, 2:06AM
  • Amazing Race
    You are definitely the reality TV show "The Amazing Race". It's good that you like to travel because that's all you would be doing on this show. And the fact that you work better on a team will come in handy because you will need to work well with your partner(s) to make it in this competition!

    coo l i havent seen this but it looks awesome! thanks!

    h20nicki Nov 28 '11, 10:02PM

    ruffles138 Apr 22 '10, 7:52PM
  • american idol

    Shawnee333 Dec 30 '09, 2:25PM
  • Oh thats really cool. I watch Amazing Race and Survivor, I've always said I would rather be on Amazing Race, but Survivor is neat. I got Amazing race, then right behind it was Survivor. Nice quiz!

    IxXWolfieIXx Nov 26 '09, 2:31AM
  • I got survivor and that's the one I would most like to go on! I'm a total reality tv whore but am no where near perfect enougj to go on the party all the time cool ones like Rock of Love or the like. Always smiling, Jewels

    Jewels Nov 3 '09, 2:27AM
  • I got survivor. :( I would suck at that.
    You are definitely the reality TV show "Survivor". It's a good thing you enjoy the beach because you would be spending a lot of time on one. And you are going to need those puzzle solving skills to win those tough challenges. You would make a great survivor!
    Nice quiz though it was fun.I wish i got american idol i want to go on that show so bad.

    that70sshowlova Jul 6 '09, 1:12PM
  • American Idol(lol i know it ps scott macintyre left idol sob sob cry cry) but adam is still HOT

    You are definitely the reality TV show "American Idol". Hopefully that singing voice of yours would take you far in the competition. It's also good that you work better as an individual because you would be up against some tough competition!

    ashleywhoo Apr 11 '09, 1:58PM
  • The Bachelor? IM A F****** GIRL!!! gay.....

    sissykat109 Mar 24 '09, 8:48PM
  • american idol baby i luv that show

    ashleywhoo Feb 23 '09, 10:16PM
  • deal or no deal. knew it but noel edmonds annoys me

    britishbabe Oct 7 '08, 2:55PM
  • I got bachelor its cool and i am looking for someone

    getsemani Jun 12 '08, 2:13AM

    chicagoboy90 May 17 '08, 5:54PM
  • Wow, I got Survivor! i have only seen clips of it, or if I have watched it before it has been while flipping through channels. Not a reality show type of person....

    Dogfreak101 May 14 '08, 9:25PM
  • I got amazing race uh whats that show about?
    next the bachelor
    and i forget

    jackie Apr 26 '08, 11:44PM

    funnigirl3000 Apr 7 '08, 4:04PM
  • So I got American Idol. I absolutely love that show! And after that I got The Bachelor, Deal or No Deal, Survivor, then the Amazing Race. I love every one of those shows except The Bachelor. I hate that show!

    aszand_58 Jan 1 '08, 4:52PM
  • I can't beleive I got Amazing Race! I hate that show! I really would have liked to get Survivor!

    sharon_osbourne_fan Dec 9 '07, 12:53PM

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