What random object are you?

People like to give the self nick name but how can you give yourself a nickname if you do not know what kind of random object you are? Take his quiz then decide if you still want a nickname.

Are you a frog a pencil a PEN!!!!? if you do not know then YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!!!Take the Quiz Take the Quiz Take the Quiz Take the Quiz Take the Quiz Take the Quiz Take the Quiz!!!!!!!

Created by: ***r***

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. School is cancled for the day you...
  2. Your favirote color is
  3. Your favirot letter is
  4. What is your favirote animal?
  5. What is your mom like
  6. Your dad is mostly
  7. Why are you taking this test?
  8. Are you enjoing taking this test
  9. What is your favirote
  10. What month were you born in?

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Quiz topic: What random object am I?