What random object are you most like? [2!]

Welcome to the random object quiz 2! For those of you that never took the first one, pleeasee check it out. Same name, just without the [2!]. If you have takent the first one and you liked it, I'm glad and I hope this one is just as good, or better!

This is your typical quiz. I ask the questions, you answer them, and the world continues to spin! Random questions, random answers, but hopefully it'll result in a not-random answer! Please rate and comment honestly, and thanks for taking my quiz!

Created by: weird_shtuff
  1. Okay, hypothetical situation. You find a genie lamp, you rub it, and out comes an all-powerful genie. He of course says he will grant you three wishes! Your first wish is...
  2. Your second wish is...
  3. Your last wish is...
  4. If someone started a nasty rumor about you, you would...
  5. I know I asked this in the first quiz, but hey, maybe you didn't take that one, soo... Would you rather be hated for what you are, or loved for what you aren't?
  6. If you were on the front page of newspaper, it would be because...
  7. Do you follow trends?
  8. Does proper spelling and grammar matter to you?
  9. When someone compliments you, you...
  10. In your circle of friends, you are...
  11. Do you make quizzes?
  12. What's your least favorite color?
  13. Are you more of lover or a fighter?
  14. What matters more to you? Good looks, intelligence, fame, wealth, or personality?
  15. What animal would you say you're most like?
  16. If you asked your best friend the same question, what would they say you're most like?
  17. What random object do you think you're most like?
  18. If someone gives you advice, you...
  19. Last question! Be honest. Have you ever been called selfish?

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Quiz topic: What random object am I most like? [2!]