What Punishment do you need ?

Have you been naughty recently? Do you need physical/corporal correction? Does pain make you obedient and submissive? Then you are in the right place! Take this short quiz to learn how you should be punished for your misbehavior. We have classics like mouth soap and spanking as well as more creative punishments for you to receive.

The quiz will determine what punishment you deserve for doing whatever you did wrong at home or school, just answer these questions they have effect and will determine your punishment.

Created by: THE PUNISHER
  1. How many swear words did you use in the past week ?
  2. What was the worst bad thing you did ?
  3. What is your most recent punishment?
  4. How old are you ?
  5. What is your gender ?
  6. Who will punish you ?
  7. Are you ashamed of what you did?
  8. Give answer to the following mathematical questions without calculator ... 25*35
  9. 35*95
  10. will you comment+rate ?

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Quiz topic: What Punishment do I need ?

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