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this is a quiz to help you understand if you are naughty or a goody-two-shoes. Maybe you are a mix of both? Or a good kid with an unknown naughty side?

This quiz, made by fellow naughty people, will help you to discover your inner naughty. Will you be an outcast? Or will you fit into the group just perfectly?

Created by: Oiglet

  1. you're bored in class and the teacher has her back turned, you...
  2. the school day ended, and you had to stay over to help your bestie with something, you get out of class to find that the cleaner has been, and the hallway is all soapy and wet
  3. you're at the zoo with a team at a school excursion, the tour guide has specifically told you NOT to poke your fingers in the cages, but your arm gets close to the bars, and you feel the tiger licking you.
  4. your neighbour is hosing his lawn, but the hose is so long that he's draped it over your fence and some of it is dangling on the floor of your driveway.
  5. have you ever gotten suspended or expelled at school?
  6. how fun was it to tick off the teachers at your time at school?
  7. how many times have you annoyed your peers?
  8. how would you react when someone got roasted?
  9. how many times did you do things that you weren't allowed to do?
  10. it's april fools, and you want to play a prank on the class.
  11. you got a few handy prank tools that you are thinking of using on your friend.

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