What Punishment Do you deserve?

Everybody has done something wrong, and so have you, unless you're more of a goody two shoes than me. So choose every answer wisely, my friend, or its...

TO THE DEATH. But if your results are not at all accurate please comment so I can fix it and/or tell you why it is that way. But be careful, you don't want to end up like Hf---dm!

Created by: Katelynnhawley
  1. What did you do wrong in the past week?
  2. Why are you taking this quiz?
  3. What punishment do YOU think you need?
  4. Are you proud of your offense?
  5. How sorry are you for your offense?
  6. Will you commit this offense again?
  7. What do think your results will be? This is not an opinion based question, it's an estimate.
  8. Have you done this before?
  9. Who is deciding on and/or punishing you?
  10. Now, honestly, choose one of the following.

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Quiz topic: What Punishment do I deserve?