what ppg character are you

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this quiz will see if your bubbles, buttercup, blossom, boomer, brick, are butch it's just ten questions so it won't be that long I hope you enjoy please do

I was lazy so I was just like hey how abut I make a quiz I was thinking and I really love the power puff girls and rowdy ruff boy so why not I make a quiz

Created by: talkisarentHot11

  1. do you laugh a lot
  2. what is your hair color
  3. you see a bully bulling other kids, you
  4. are you a boy or girl (forgot to ask that)
  5. do you have a big heart
  6. how is your hair?
  7. who do you think you will get
  8. why did you take this quiz
  9. which time do you like
  10. last questions ''do I look good in this dress''

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Quiz topic: What ppg character am I