Which ppgz member are you?

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since 1998 the powerpuffs have been great idols to young girls like my own self i was only one when i first saw it then they made different ones like ppgd and ppgz

now heres the real test...which one are you?...are you a bubbles..a buttercup or even blossom what about bell possibly..take this funtastic quiz to find out!:)

Created by: Gia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your ideal weapon color?
  2. fave thing to play with
  3. what do you feel like doing right now
  4. Type of music
  5. where would you place yourself
  6. hair color
  7. Two words:Sneak Out
  8. what do your pajamas look like
  9. Describe you
  10. whats your room color
  11. fave color
  12. if you were any animal which would you be
  13. what would be going on in your mind after a cute boy asks you out?
  14. your footwear
  15. if you had anything on your head it would be?
  16. evil monster attacking what do you do

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Quiz topic: Which ppgz member am I?