What PLL character are you?

Heyy are you a PLL fan? if yes then this is a perfect quiz for you! If no the try watching it!!! This quiz determines if you are Aria, Spencer, Hanna, or Emily. Have fun!

Are you Hanna? Emily? Aria? Spencer? Do you have the skills to take this quiz? You will find out what liar you are in at least 5-10 minutes. Take this quiz and find out who you are!

Created by: Yvona

  1. If your teacher mentions a science project, you usually...
  2. What drink do you prefer?
  3. Favorite design?
  4. Hair color?
  5. What kind of style do you describe yourself?
  6. Pick a color
  7. Pick a member from One Direction
  8. Are you mad?
  9. If someone with an Unknown number sent you a text you would...
  10. thoughts about school?

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Quiz topic: What PLL character am I?