What planetside faction are you?

Sometimes videogames force you to make important decisions that change the entire game later on. Planetside 2 has players choose between 3 factions, each with a unique backstory and abilities, and makes them pledge alliegance to the banner under which they serve.

The question is, which faction is right for you? Will you join the organized ranks of the Terran republic, the liberating platoons of the New conglomerate, or the enlightened congregation of the Vanu sovreignty.

Created by: zarenityx
  1. When you hear the word 'LAZORZ', what comes to mind first?
  2. Military radios should sound like...
  3. What is the most fun to build
  4. Which book series is the most amazing?
  5. I wish I could ride a...
  6. In a zombie apocalypse the first thing I would do is...
  7. What is the most universal tool?
  8. The best word for a hamburger is...
  9. If the world was a ___, everything would be more fun.
  10. Lawnmower?
  11. Quote some lyrics from your favorite music:
  12. I spend most of my time...

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Quiz topic: What planetside faction am I?