What phylum should you be?

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The world is filled with marvelous creatures that live among, observe, and even kill and eat. This test is to see what kind of creature you would be if you were to undergo a surgery to alter your genetic make-up.

With the aid of a special medicine that is taken, you will surpass the limits of a human. Your results will determine the effectiveness of your powers against the enemy... Mars' Giant Cockroaches.

Created by: Logan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your preferred environment?
  2. Which sounds more appetizing?
  3. What kind of animal(s) do you like?
  4. Favorite kind of plants?
  5. Which of these would you consider yourself?
  6. What kind of skin would you want to have?
  7. What kind of natural weapons would you most likely use against enemies?
  8. Are you a sneaker or an attacker?
  9. Predator or Prey?
  10. When worst comes to worst... Do you attack or hide?
  11. What's the easiest method of taking medicine to you?

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Quiz topic: What phylum should I be?