What Pet Best Fits Me?

Do you want a pet? But don't know which one to get? You don't want to get the wong type of pet, cause that can be bad. Take this quiz to halp you choose.

This quiz will help you make sure you get the right pet for you! Or if you just wanted to see which pet your best fitted for.....Anyway! Take my quiz!! I'll be making more soon!!!

Created by: Sparkspirit

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have lots of free time.
  2. You dream of living out in the country, with a big yard with lots of trees!
  3. You HATE cleaning.
  4. On a free day, you like to lay in bed and relax.
  5. You like to dress in bright colors! :D
  6. You like to listen to different types of music! And sometimes your friends call you loud or annoying!
  7. You LOVE swimming and acting like a fishy :D
  8. You HATE giving baths.
  9. You like to go hiking with your friends during the summer.
  10. Did you like my quiz :D

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