What Personality Describes You?

Everyone has a personally. Wither its sporty or girly or all of them everyone has one its what make you you! Hey if you all liked the same things this place would be a lot more boring.

"what's your personally? If you don't know then take this quiz. It is pretty much right on the mark. So try it! Even if you already know what you personally is its worth a try and its fun!

Created by: tina
  1. Your parents gave you 50$. What do you spend it on?
  2. Choose you favourite colour.
  3. A really cute boy asked you out what do you say?
  4. A lot of your friends...
  5. In school you usually are.
  6. In school you usually are.
  7. How many friends at school do you have?
  8. Who is your favourite singer/band?
  9. Pick your favourite pop flavour.
  10. What is your favourite saying?

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Quiz topic: What Personality describes me?