What Nickname Best Describes You?

There Are Many People That Have Nicknames That Best Describe Then. Like Destiny Ray Cyrus Who Received A Name Called "Miley" Because She Smiles A lot When Shes A Child. Everybody Needs A Nickname. Not One Like "Honey Bunny", A Real Nickname. Like "Clover Rayes" Or "Jasmin Peterson". Any Nickname Will Best Fit You From Your Parents.

Which Of These Nicknames Best Describes You? What Interests Make You That Secret Nickname? Until Now You Could Only Wonder About It...But Thanks To This Wonderful Quiz, Because In A Few Minutes You Will Find Out!

Created by: Jojo Gonzalez
  1. How do People Describe You In Real Life? (Be Honest)
  2. What Do You Like Doing The Most On Your Free-Time?
  3. What Is Your Favorite Hang-Out Area?
  4. What Is Your Dressing Style?
  5. How Do You Stay Away From Trouble?
  6. When Your Sick, What Do You Do?
  7. What Do You Do If Your In A Middle Of A Fight?
  8. Whats Your Favorite Hobby?
  9. What Do You Like Dealing With? (Stupid Question)
  10. What Is Your Favorite State/City To Live In?

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Quiz topic: What Nickname Best describes me?