what nickname would my friends and i give u?

What nickname would my friends and I give to you? My friends and I are really wierd but tend to be liked. We have stupid nicknames and fun nicknames. This quiz is basically which one of us you are but instead what that person's nickname is. ENJOY!!!

Would it be musical, from another decade, century? Maybe something dealing with your smrtitude (intelligence) or just random, you find out. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Created by: stacey- rainbow (converse41)

  1. ur fave song out of the following:
  2. pick one:
  3. favourate colour
  4. whats ur fave ghuys name
  5. pick one:
  6. pick one:
  7. pick a movie:
  8. pick:
  9. ?
  10. natural hair colour

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