what person from KISS are you?

hi , my name is dalton and i made this quiz . it is about who you are from the band called KISS . that is my favorite band so that is why i made this quiz . if you have never heard of KISS or just never heard one of there songs you should chek them out .

who do you think you are from KISS ? im paul stanley (the starchild) do you think your him or gene simmons or ace frehley or peter criss oreric carr or vinnie vincent( there have been more people in the band , but im only counting the people that had make up

Created by: dalton

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do u like KISS ?
  2. what place would you take if u were in a band ?
  3. what do u like best ?
  4. do u think u know who u are from KISS ?
  5. what letter does your name start with ?
  6. wich do you like better ?
  7. do you recommend this quiz so far ?
  8. what name best suits you ?
  9. whatr kind of hair is the coolest ?
  10. how many KISS cds do you have ?

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Quiz topic: What person from KISS am I?