Where Will Your First Kiss Be?

Ever wonder where your first real kiss will be... It could be in sooo many places. After all, it is your first! Kiss! Ever! One of the most important and special events of your life... You must be curious about where this special event will take place...

Don't you want to know! Of course you do! You want to know where your true love will take you to give you your first kiss! So take my quiz... It'll define your personality and therefore tell you where it will take place so you can get ready...

Created by: Tephy<3
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  1. You love nature and spend most of the time out doors. You also enjoy going to the park and taking long walks.
  2. You love going to the mall! You practically live there! Also, you love going to watch movies!
  3. You enjoy going over to friends' house to watch movies and just hang out... Or maybe even to have study parties.
  4. You like simple things... You like expensive things, but not always.
  5. I totally love diamonds... And gold! If guys want to get on my side... They have to be financially stable. ;]
  6. I love cars and being around them! I like taking my girl [or guy] out for long rides...
  7. You love school! You are known as the person who could be found near their locker. You like getting good grades. =]
  8. You like going outside and just lying on the grass... Looking at the sky or clouds... You love to daydream... And just let your problems slip away...
  9. You think guys with cars are hot.
  10. You are a fairly friendly person. You like hanging out with friends.

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Quiz topic: Where will Ir First Kiss Be?