How well do you know your BMTH songs?

So this quiz was just for fun and for fans to test their own knowledge about the band. great job to those who did well! I'm happy to see so many people care about this band

If you didn't do well on the other hand, its not the end of the world :) maybe try again next time...younever know what might hapen, if you havent heard this band before meybe try looking them up..their awesome

Created by: Pheonix
  1. the following lyrics belong to which song? "Everything I touch, turns to stone, so wrap your armsarouns me,and leave me on my own,everything I touch turns to stone, so wrap your arms around me and leave me...f---en alone!"
  2. "Tell me that you need me 'coz I love you so much, tell me that you love me coz i need you so much, tell me that you love me 'coz i need you so much, say you'll never leave me 'coz I need you so much"
  3. "And then I found out, how hard ir is to really change, even hell can get comfy once you've settled in, I just wanted the numb inside me to leave, no matter how f---ed you get,then sun will rise and you'll come back down, funny thingis...all I ever wanted, I already had. There's glimpses of heaven in everyday, in the friends i have, the music I make and the love that I feel, i just had to start again"
  4. "I finally burried you, and civered the tracks, you'll have to take this with your cold dead hands"
  5. "There is a hell, blieve me I've seen it,there is a heaven lets keep it a secret, no one needs to know! i am the ocean! I am the see! There is a world inside of me!"
  6. "We're choking on our words,lets hang a noose around our necks. I cant believe its come to this, I can'tbelive it's come to this"
  7. Did you enjoy?
  8. okaaay so i needed 10 questions for this quiz..unfortunately i didn't, so just some random questions about the band...
  9. BMTH is..
  10. BMTH is a...
  11. BMTH was formed in...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my BMTH songs?