What percentage Cherokee are you? Presented by Eighty Sixx

This is for people who are like Eighty Sixx. To figure out if you are old. cherokee. or just stoopid. An Eighty Sixx is someone who has an extraordinarily stoopid mind, is able to not fix simple problems, and see the world through an entirely novel point of view.

Hey can you hear me? It's probably all that dust in your ears. They probably don't work as well after the Jurassic Era ended. You probably went to school with Charlie Chaplin.

Created by: Eighty Sixx

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  1. Can you play Guitar?
  2. Do you like stumps?
  3. Do you like Motley Crue?
  4. Do you understand the quote: "Look Glen, We're Saved!"
  5. Does your heart run on motor oil?
  6. Do you believe in gun control?
  7. Do you owe The Bear $5?
  8. What percentage Cherokee would you guess?
  9. Do you use a key to kickstart your heart in the morning?
  10. He catches the feesh to make money?

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Quiz topic: What percentage Cherokee am I? Presented by Eighty Sixx