What percent of a good bff are you?

There are many good people and good friends in this world. A bff is quite exceptional. Most people only have close or good friends. But are you a good bff. Think carefully and find out.

Are you a good bff? Are you a bff to your best friend? Now you may wonder. But be prepared if this is only some little thing or a life long commitment. Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: Smileforever8

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  1. Do you know your bffs middle name?
  2. Whats her best quality?
  3. What do you and your friend do when you are hanging out alone?
  4. Do you trust your friend with your secrets?
  5. Do you talk everyday?
  6. Do you ever hear them talking about you (back stabbing)
  7. What does your friend do when they see you getting bullied?
  8. How long have you known them for?
  9. Did you/do you hang out more with each other more than your other friends at school?
  10. Last question! Be very honest. Do you think you are the closest friends you have?
  11. Does he/she consider you to be the greatest friends?
  12. What if you had plans with your bff and your crush asked you out? What would you do?

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Quiz topic: What percent of a good bff am I?