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  • Your Result: LUNAH

    Horay- you're most like Lunah! Lunah is outgoing, but still insecure and careful with what she does. Lunah makes friends with many different kinds of people. Lunah is blessed with interesting powers... she doesn't realise her full potential!

    Okay?!?! I agree with the outgoing, but I'm definately NOT insecure at all. But I am careful with what I do and I have a ton of different friends...pretty good quiz...

  • can you do me a favor? where are this characters from because they look quite interesting, im no talent seeker or anything but quite ennjoy reading and movies so i just wanna noe plz put a comment answering this on ur own quiz plzn.n

  • go mark!im most like mark!im hot!whoo-hoo!


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