What One Direction man is for you?

We all have are favorite one direction person. But is that the person for me? Is he really my type? You can find out who's in your type will this quiz!

Who soy YOU think meets your type expirations? Maybe you have had it all wrong who is the one for you! But now thanks to this quiz, you CAN FIND OUT WHOS THE ONE FOR YOU!

Created by: Mary
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Bad boy?
  2. Do you love food?
  3. Long hair or short hair?
  4. What color of eyes
  5. Do you want a Prankster?
  6. Do want a lot of dates were he won't tell you were he's going?
  7. Mature guy?
  8. Curly hair or straight?
  9. Do you want a funny guy?
  10. Hair color

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