Promise to stay

This is my first quiz! I hope you like it! It's a love story about zombs and other stuff, for now I only have 2 boys but it will come more in the future. I hope you enjoy!

When the world is under apocalypse and you and your new found "friends" are the surviving, how will you make it through? Adrian: Short brown spiky hair and almost black eyes he also has cute dimples, atheletic, quite nice tanned, and is about 1,80cm long ( sorry I don't count in feet live in europe :P) Mystery guy: Jet black emo hair that covers one of his eye, a piercing in the lip and icy cold mesmerizing eyes, quiet, shy, loving and caring and he is quite smart. He is about 1.73 cm

Created by: Liveonaze
  1. You where on your way to school and couldn't wait to show everyone your new experiment, the biology teacher would be overjoyed by my enthusiams of the subject. Chemicals, you finally came to school where you met up with your best friend Adrian. You saw him in the corridor with his girlfriend Martha, she was screaming at him high but not high enough to make a scene but high enough for you to hear it. "I can do whatever I want I'm not your doll!" she shouted " WEll you kissed him! What was I suposed to do! " he was so close to hitting him, his hands where pulled together as fists and he crumbled a note he was holding in his hand. "I won't do it again I promise!" she cried out. " How am I suposed to trust you?!" "Please don't do this Adrian!" people start looking at them " Martha! It's over already!" he looked around, "What are you staring at? It's not a circus!". She cried but he pushed her to the side and started walking to you.
  2. "What happened?" you ask. " I found out she was cheating on me with Jack!" " Oh..." you muttered sadly. Well I hope I can cheer you up, you made a very happy silly face. He giggled at you as you started chatting on the way to the biology (because yes you have the same class). You told him about your experiment and he was very interested in it. You where the last one's to get into class but you where not late. Mr.Wilderburg asked you to sit down. But you told him about your experiment. He asked you to show it to the class. " May I borrow some equippment?" you ask. he nodded and you took some out of the locker. You also took out a mask for everyone. But as you where about to give them out, Jack shouted that it was nerdy with masks and only wimps have them.
  3. Everyone agree with Jack exept for Adrian, (cause you aren't that out of your mind) you starre angry at Jack as you start to mix the ingredients you wrote down on your note,when your finished a terrible smell spreads through out the room, and peoples faces are turning pale... You blink several times but everyones faces are getting whiter, all exept for Adrian who is panicing. Everyone's silent and noone's moving. The pale in their faces are turnig... green?
  4. The faces of your class are starting to ROT?! You are in a state of shock. What have I done! You look alerting at Adrian and he looks at you. He throws Away his chair and runs up to you. You look behind you and there stands Mr.Wilderburg zombiefied! he's heading towards you, you scream and grab a glass tube and smack it in his face, he frowns and you and Adrian starts to run away from the class. The gas spreads and more and more people are starting to turn pale and slowly but painfully rot, you and Adrian are just in time to get the most important things from your locket. You also manage to get a bit of every ingredient. You start running far away from school in the forest.
  5. You both run and run but he is much faster than you because he's an athelete and you fall behind, he doesn't notice untill iy's far to late, you fall down and hit your head on a stone, it's over, I'm dead you think to yourself. You slowly faint away your surrounding and black out...
  6. You wake up slowly with a blurry sight and a aching head, when you see a boy with jet black hair and icy blue ezmerizing eyes cool as the antarctic fighting of zombies around you...But he's not wearing a gas mask, neither are you...It was a herd of about 10 zombies and he had a machine gun shooting everyone like it was really easy, he had "killed" all the zombies when he finally walked up to you," Are you alright?" he asked breathing deeply. " I'm fine" you groaned. He laughed sarcasticly. I'll carry you, he lifted you up and you looked over your body, it was covered with bruises and bleeding wounds. You groaned in pain. " It will be alright" he whispered smoothly in your ear. " I'm here" "even though you didn't know his name he calmed you down...
  7. Something about him, You could not put the finger on it, but you know he wouldn't leave you. You smile at him and he smiles at you too. He started walking through the forest and you slowly fall asleep again....
  8. That's it for today guys because I hate cliffhangers too!
  9. So I hope you liked it,rate and PLEASE commment with ideas! I take everyone's idea even if it contains pudding!
  10. Well I hope part two is out soon! hope you like it and see you next time!

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