Love Only Goes One Direction

The title lies a bit. Love can go a couple of Directions, but with Louis Tomlinson, it only goes One Direction...oops, I've said too much....

The title lies a bit. Love can go a couple of Directions, but with Louis Tomlinson, it only goes One Direction...oops, I've said too much.... Haha.

Created by: 5thMarauder
  1. *Hey peoples! It's me. I wrote this on my iPod last night when I was watching Finding Nemo. If you bother commenting, please don't point out it's flaws, I can see them myself. IF, you want, I will make this into a proper series, but for now, it's only one part. Please tell me in the comments what you want. It's kind of obvious from the start who you end up with, but that's because he's my favourite :P This will only be one part for now, but I might make a series. It's set in this year, 2012, in a hotel in London. You are Irish. Now, READ!*
  2. You woke up. The bed in the hotel was too hot, and there was lot's of noise outside. Your parents were in the room next door, still sleeping. They both worked for One Direction, your dad did the camera-ish stuff and your mum did their hair and make-up. Although they both worked for One Direction, you had never been lucky enough to meet them. Your twin sister was back in ireland, where you were from, in college learning to become a doctor, and she was engaged to her boyfriend. For the past couple of days you had been wandering around the hotel, hoping to bump into One Direction. You got up and dressed, and put on your white and black glasses. You opened the door and shivered slightly, it was getting cold now that it was October. As you checked your phone to see the time, you saw it was eleven a.m. You made a face and quickened your pace (Haha, that rhymes!).
  3. Suddenly a door to your right flew open and you felt something hit you in the face. You heard a crunch, you fell sideways, and then black. Everything was black.
  4. "Liam, you knocked her out!", a male voice hissed. You opened your eyes and saw five blurry figures leaning over you. "Here", said someone gently, handing you a pair of those glasses Zayn likes to wear. You put them on and sat up. "Where am I? What happened?", you asked. "We-", began Liam, but was interrupted. "Liam", cut in Harry, "threw a football and it hit you in the face, knocking you out, and breaking your glasses". "So how'd I get here?", you asked curiously, looking into the eyes of the boys one by one. Could this be real? You were sitting next to One Direction, talking to them. "I carried you in!", said Louis proudly. "Because I'm the strongest!". The five boys and you laughed. "My name's ______", you said. The boy's grins became bigger. "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl", said Zayn. You blushed.
  5. Harry stood up and closed the door, because fans had just gotten into the hotel. "Looks like we're stuck in here for the day", said Niall. Louis cheered. "We're stuck in a room with a gorgeous girl for the WHOLE DAY!", he cried happily. the boys and you laughed again. "What should we do?" asked Zayn. "Let's watch a movie", you suggested. The five boys agreed. "Lion King", said Niall. Louis got down on the floor and found the DVD under his bed. You sat in between Harry and Zayn on the floor. During the movie you kept stealing glances t Louis, noticing how he bit his nails during the intense(As intense as Lion King can get -_-) parts. When the movie ended, the sun was setting outside. "Aw, it's nearly as pretty as you!", whispered Niall in your ear. You giggled, and then your stomach rumbled hungrily. "Ugh, I'm so hungry!", moaned Liam. "Shh!", you said. "Those girls are gone now!". "Dinner!", cried Niall. You followed the boys downstairs to the restaurant. You sat next to Louis and Liam, facing the others. "I can't believe it!", you thought. "I'm having dinner with One Direction!".
  6. "You should stay with us tonight", said Niall with his mouth full. "You can sleep in my bed", winked Zayn. "I smell the nicest, so mine", argued Louis. "No way!", laughed Liam. "I'm the best kisser!". "As if!", argued Harry playfully. Niall tried to say something, but his mouth was full. You blushed and giggled with the eyes of all the boys on you. "OK, I suppose", you said.
  7. On the way back to the room you shivered. Harry put his coat around you and grinned kindly, but mischievously. You sat down on Louis' bed and yawned. "I'm tired", you said. "Give us a hug", said Zayn. "OK", you replied holding out your arms. The five boys gave you a hug at once, almost crushing you. Niall handed you a pair of blue pajama's. "I'm the shortest, so you can borrow a pair of my pajama's", he said. "Thanks", you smiled. You went into the bathroom, and changed. When you went back into the room, the lights were out. Louis was lying on the floor next to his bed. You smiled and messed up his hair. He grinned sleepily. You got into his bed, but had a hard time sleeping. You couldn't believe you were sleeping in the same room as these boys, and you had only known them a day, but it felt like forever.
  8. In the middle of the night, you felt someone climb into the bed. You reached over and felt his face. It was Louis. "The floor is too uncomfortable", he whispered, coming closer to you. He wrapped his arms around you, and kissed your nose lightly. You smiled in the darkness and fell asleep in Louis' arms.
  9. When you woke up it was still dark. Louis was sprawled across the bed, holding a Nintendo DS. You looked around the room, and saw the faces of all the boys concentrating, lit up by the light from their DS's. You climbed over Louis' legs and looked over his shoulder. He was playing pokemon. You crossed the room to Zayn, and saw he was playing it too. "Are you ALL playing Pokemon?", you asked. He nodded, not taking his eyes off the screen, his mouth open slightly. You rolled your eyes. "Up", you said, pushing Louis with your foot, lying on the bed. "No", he replied. "Eh", you said lazily. You couldn't be bothered to try and push five teenage boys out of bed.
  10. You pulled the white duvet out from under Louis, because you were cold. "Hey, don't take it all!", he said playfully. Louis sat next to you and wrapped the duvet around you both, keeping you very close together. You saw a light turn off and someone get up. He opened the door to the bathroom, and you saw Harry's face. A while later everyone else got out of bed too. The boys opened the door to go to breakfast, but Harry said, "You guys go ahead, I want to talk to _____". Louis hesitated and looked warily towards Harry, but then closed the door behind himself. Harry stood in front of you and looked into your eyes. "I think Louis loves you", he said seriously. Your heart leaped. "W-what?", you asked. "It's obvious, and I think the others know it too. You two are a match made in Heaven though". You didn't speak. "I'm going to tell the others what I think, and we'll ask Louis", continued Harry. "But I really think it's true". Your heart was pounding, your life was changing. If Louis did love you then God knows what would happen. "Just go out after breakfast or something, and I'll talk to the others then", said Harry. "Ok", you agreed. the two of you headed down to breakfast then.
  11. After breakfast you told the boys you were going to change your clothes. They went into their room, but Louis followed you. "It's twelve o' clock", he said. "Yep", you replied nervously. "I've known you for a day, and do you know what you've made me do?", he asked seriously, catching hold of your arm. You looked into his blue eyes. "You've made me fall in love", he said softly. "I love you", you whispered. it was the truth. "I have to ask Liam something" he said, turning.
  12. *That's part 1! I'll make part 2 to finish this off, and then I might make a proper series. Comment and rate, as I said before!*

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