What Omaha boys are you

Did you guess the right Omaha boys you will be or did you got that incorrect. Good luck and have fun. Every of the Omaha boys is your lucky winner.

Which Omaha is your favorite? Find out just answering these twelve question. Hope you liked it and you can try as many as you want. Just answer a few more question and you will find your result.

Created by: lucy

  1. Do you have dimples?
  2. Are you tall or short?
  3. What sport do you play?
  4. Who is your favorite female singer?
  5. Who is your favorite rapper?
  6. Do you like playing basketball?
  7. What song do you listen to?
  8. Do you prefer out doors or indoors?
  9. Do you know Magcon boys?
  10. Do you like singing or rapping?

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