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  • Oliver Sykes once said, suicide doesn't keep life from getting worse, it just prevents life from getting better

    BBand3DGandBMTH Dec 8 '14, 9:53PM
  • Smells like teen spirit! !!

    peace4evr Oct 1 '14, 7:51PM
  • Smells like teen spirit ( and I'm also a teen )

    jellybabies Sep 5 '14, 3:15PM
  • I got something in the way and I absolutely love the song but I wasn't abused as a child or very sad for that matter haha

    Kurdtlove Apr 24 '14, 3:03AM

    imadork Mar 15 '14, 8:54AM
  • i got smells like teen spirit. -woot- that's my fave song by them other than come as you are

    kristalrocks Dec 27 '13, 4:55PM
  • i got endless,nameless i havent heard it so im gonna look it up

    Fallen Life Aug 1 '13, 12:38AM
  • I got Breed. I haven't heard it, so I'm playing it xD. And I don' buy music, neither do I download it illegally :l, but whatever. I chose illegally. I use Spotify, so I'm sure artists get money from when I listen to music .-.

    JuiceySkullCandy Jul 22 '13, 5:03PM
  • Tourettes! Descibes me perfectly! xD

    ocean Apr 8 '13, 12:51AM
  • Aww I got Smells like teen spirit I wanted something in the way

    ThinkImJustHappy Feb 9 '13, 10:12AM
  • Wow. I'm Breed. I've actually never listened to that song. And I'm not obsessed with love! And I'm not going to get started on lust. >:/ But you know what? It might be true. >:D

    alex_d_e_v_i_l Jun 19 '12, 11:44AM
  • Tourette's. :D

    ToxicCupcake Feb 26 '12, 5:16AM
  • i illegally download songs preventing the artist any money to feed his family with? well now i feel bad i never that of it that way

    art and music Dec 12 '11, 8:28PM
  • smells like teen spirit,one of my fave songs

    OZZYIOMMI Nov 15 '10, 6:23PM
  • i had my boyfriend take this quiz on my account since Nirvana's his favorite band and he got one of his favorite songs. lol.

    kannibalistikk Aug 3 '10, 11:59PM
  • i got something in the way...i like all their songs!!!!:)

    shallow023 Nov 13 '09, 7:08PM
  • Breed. It's a good song.

    rachcab21 Aug 23 '09, 6:09AM
  • Tourett's

    troublemaker Aug 18 '09, 10:20AM
  • I wanted Come As You Are but I got Breed. I've never heard that...?

    Bambi May 26 '09, 11:27AM
  • Meh. I got Tourrett's. T-T I'ma cry. I wanted Smells Like Teenspirit

    Yuuto May 14 '09, 3:44PM
  • Smells like teen spirit I'll take it not there best song but not there worst

    frankwest Apr 17 '09, 11:45AM
  • yo ppl i was endless,nameless

    jake09 Mar 23 '09, 5:16PM

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