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  • It had my favorite team, The Buffalo Sabres! I got that. It’s so correct. Best quiz ever.

    Epicsgamer Mar 29 '18, 4:04PM
  • Buffalo Sabres??? wtf Im a Ducks die hard all the way.

    Dagoalie30 May 18 '15, 3:59PM
  • Woah. I got Montreal Canadiens. I hate to say it, but DAMN THAT'S ACCURATE!!! Great quiz, BTW: 10/10

    Nikki_Knox Jun 22 '11, 9:38PM
  • Atlanta Thrashers
    Still new in the eyes of the NHL you only really have one big star. Ilya Kovulchuck.But, your other teammates pull together and you're quite good. You have gotten better but there are questions about years to come.

    piscean1 May 12 '10, 12:11AM

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