what netral villan are you?

houdy there stranger! this is a quiz to let you know (its not completely accuite) what netral character you are! so did you just look up this because you were board? I don`t care LOL!

ok im not a strict person BUT NO CHAIN MESSAGES!!!!! I hate them! serously i don`t get the point!and nothing will change my mind! so thank you anyways hope you like it cha!

Created by: Wilfrecookie

  1. are you extreamily annoying?
  2. do you have buck teeth!?
  3. do you own a pop gun?
  4. do you protect,or steal jewls!?
  5. are you fast?
  6. are you the quiet shy kind?
  7. do you like to have fun and injoy life?
  8. what would you prefer?
  9. what music?
  10. are you ready for your results?

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Quiz topic: What netral villan am I?