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  • Your Result: Rachel

    Your Normal and people leave you alone most of the time, you have one friend but your not realy that close, try to widen out a bit more and maybe you will gain a litle more respect.

    ...nooo i got like 10 REALLY close friends nd nobody leaves me alone kuz im not a loner person freak person tht hates everyone...

    laughy taffy
  • You have a few popular friends, and you go with the flow, your not used or teased, and you have a few people clinging to be your friend, keep it up, and don't try to be a wanna be.

    Not true. Sorry, but I have two close friends, nither of wich are popular. And I'm teased all the time, though I don't let it phase me. Sorry person.

  • Your Result: Emma

    Your nerdy but people like you because your smart, they use you to get answers in a test, or to do there homework, don't let people use you, because they will think your weak.

    this description suits me pretty well, but juss cuz u r smart, does not make u nerdy.. people only say that cuz they are jelous cuz theyre stupid. and people ask for help on homework and i give it to them cuz im nice, not weak, and i dont ever give anyone answers on my tests.. but other than that i liked the quiz (:

  • wtf this totally doesn't fit me! I had tasha. I don't go with the flow, I hate those show offs, wannabe's, and people that aren't themselves


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