What My Little Pony Character Are You Mostly Like?

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THIS QUIZ IS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS! I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST BRONIES, I AM FRIENDS WITH 3! Have you ever wondered which Mane 6 pony you are? find out here, In The My Little Pony, Character Quiz!

Have you ever wondered what My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Mane 6 you are? Well, now you can find out, in this My little Pony, Character Quiz! Enjoy!

Created by: Abbey
  1. What Kind of Pet do you want/have?
  2. If you did live in Equestria, what would you think you would be?
  3. What Color of a Coat Would you prefer?
  4. What colour of mane would you prefer?
  5. What would you mostly do if you lived in ponyville?
  6. If you had a cutie mark, what would it be similar to?
  7. How do your friends mostly describe you?
  8. The next questions are for funny, and will not count.
  9. Who is personally your favorite?
  10. How did you like Equestria Girls?
  11. How was the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What My Little Pony Character am I Mostly Like?