what my little pony character are you.

Any bronies out there? good, because i made a personality quiz for everyone to see out there. so get out there and show some pony spirit, brony. this is cool!

Are you one of the mane six? yes, you are but you're only one pony. Which element belong to you? really kid you should give it a try. enjoy the quiz!

Created by: sara

  1. hi there!
  2. Halloween questions first: who are you for Halloween?
  3. Did you ever got a costume that you got mad about?
  4. What's the WORST part about you.
  5. Do you like Christmas?
  6. Pets?
  7. What super power would you want?
  8. You're invited to the Gala! what would you bring there?
  9. How you feel about this quiz? (this time be honest)

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Quiz topic: What my little pony character am I.