What pony are you

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There are many pony breeds. But you can only be 1 breed. Do you love them or are you scared of them. Have you ridden one have you not. do you have one? Take the test to find out which one you are.

Are you a fallabella pony. A shetland. Or a regular pony that is no breed. Figure out by taking this quiz. It is a great quiz to take. Great for pony lovers.

Created by: Liz

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you fun to play with?
  2. are you nice?
  3. Do you have a nice pony?
  4. do you have a mean pony?
  5. do you have a stubborn pony?
  6. do you have a grumpy pony?
  7. Is your pony old?
  8. Is your pony young?
  9. Do you have a pony?
  10. Do you know more than 1 pony breeds?

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