What My Little Pony Are You?

This is a quiz that sees if you know your My Little Pony facts! You can show that you have studied up on your My Little Pony Facts! Thanks! Tell me how you do!

Have you studied up on your My Little Pony facts? In a few minutes you will find out! You can be: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack or Twilight Sparkle!

Created by: Christina
  1. If you had some freetime what would you be doing?
  2. What Is Your FAVORITE color?
  3. Who Is Your Favorite Pony?(on MLP)
  4. What Is Twilight Sparkle's Helper's Name?
  5. What Is Twilight Sparkle's Brother's Name?
  6. What Is Rarity's Little Sister Named?
  7. What Is Pinkie Pie's Sisters Named?(Appears in The Cutie Mark Chronicles)
  8. What is one of the spa ponies names?
  9. How many horses are realated to Applejack in the series Friendship is Magic
  10. What is the princess's name that teaches Twilight Sparkle?

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Quiz topic: What My Little Pony am I?