What My Chemical Romance Member Are You?

WHAT MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE MEMBER ARE YOU????????? Gerard Way? Mikey Way? Ray Toro? Frank Iero? Or Bob Bryar? This quizz is based on random facts about YOU! Take the test and FIND OUT WHICH OF THE BOYS YOU ARE! NOW!

Ok so this is a quiz i just made for fun it is innacurate so don't get angry if the info's wrong! Hope you have fun taking the quizz! :D p.s. this quiz is for everyone.

Created by: Jazmin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Many Brothers/Sisters Do You Have?
  2. What Instrument Do You/Want To Play?
  3. Fav Color.
  4. What's Your Favorite Animal?
  5. According To You What Turns You On?
  6. Are You Married/Engaged?
  7. Your Wife Is A Widow Is It Leagle To Marry Your Wifes Sister?
  8. If You Died What Would You Come Back As?
  9. Choose a Number.
  10. What Is The First Letter Of Your Name?

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Quiz topic: What My Chemical Romance Member am I?