What music note are you?

A few notes together, and you get a song. I'm talking piano here. I play the piano. A note is like a person. You can always "gather" a few notes to make your type of song.

Which note are you? Do you make the song quicker and shorter or do you make it slower and longer? A few centuries back you wouldn't even know! Well, thanks to technology, you can find now!

Created by: Enakshi

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  1. Are you quiet or loud?
  2. Do you run fast or slow?
  3. Now, do you do anything fast? If you are fast, do you do anything slow?
  4. Now, I have 10 questions in store. Is this quiz boring so far?
  5. I can tell you the piano notes. Choose which one you are going to be.
  6. There's more notes! if you haven't chosen you, choose out of here.
  7. Do you know This Land Is Your Land? Please say yes!
  8. 3 more questions. Now I have to tell you something.
  9. If you know This Land Is Your Land, would you please some day sing it or play it? I hum it all the time!
  10. Will you rate this quiz? Or will you comment?

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Quiz topic: What music note am I?