Which "Piano Man" Character are you?

The song Piano man describes various archetypes in life that you may encounter, so which of these archetypes is the most sufficient explanation of you as an individual?

It is nine oh clock on a Saturday, and the regular crowd shuffles in. There are various figures in the bar, but which bears the most resemblance to you?

Created by: Gavin Taylor

  1. Do you sit next to the piano man, making love to your tonic and gin?
  2. Are you at the bar, and a friend of the piano man who gets him his drinks for free?
  3. Are you a real estate novelist, who never had time for a wife?
  4. Are you still in the navy, and likely to be for life
  5. Do you practice politics as the businessmen get stoned?
  6. Do you get stoned as the waitress practices politics
  7. Do you give the piano man a smile, because you know its him they've been coming to see?
  8. Are you the piano man
  9. Who did you think you got?
  10. Thoughts on the quiz

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Quiz topic: Which "Piano Man" Character am I?