what music genre do you like the most?

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This quiz will show you what genre you personally like based upon the answers you chose on the quiz. i hope you enjoy it and like the quiz and look what other quizs im making.

Remember to have fun and if you like multiple genres just do the quiz again and pick diffrently next time. just make sure to answer honestly and then tell your friends what you really like. HAVE FUN

Created by: Djdiv

  1. do you like hard beats?
  2. whos your favorite artist??
  3. what do you like about that artist?
  4. Do you like to bust out moves when your favorite song comes on?
  5. which do you like out of the following....
  6. who out of the people do you know most in the music you listen to?
  7. what do you like about the music you listen to??
  8. do you like the quiz
  9. why?
  10. last,what is a instrument

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Quiz topic: What music genre do I like the most?