What Movie Star Am Most Like?

There are many famous people but have you ever wonder witch one your most like? Yeah go on take that mouse over here wait why are you going to X! Ok that's right over and click the button! I know what your thinking your thinking(this quiz show host is crazy well ill have you know I am a very smart host who has no face!)

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Take this quiz to figure out witch star is like you! Are you a mean funny nice styling or scary star yes you can find out here! (Cheezy words added because for me to move on in quiz making I need 150 letters)

Created by: Slade of this site
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  1. You walk into school and realize your in your pajamas what do you do?
  2. What do you do with your free time?
  3. What is your favorite king of song?
  4. What song do you like more?
  5. What would your friends say about you?
  6. Okay.. While I think of a question answer this one. What annoys you?
  7. What Music video do you like more?
  8. Okay if you where stuck on a sinking ship and you had a clear shot to the life boat's but your family was stuck what would you do?
  9. What show/movie is your favorite?
  10. OKay witch game?

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