what movie star will you marry?

there are many stars in the sky but which movie star is for you!? this quiz will tell you who will be the love of your soon life please take only if you are a girl or a gay guy because there are only guys as answers

why are you still reading, you should be finding out your lover and yes i know the chances of this guy marrying you or even meeting is doubtful so don't mark the days until he is going to ask you to prom so it is just for fun

Created by: future molly dolley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what eye color do you love on a guy
  2. the perfect day includes
  3. what channel is your favorite
  4. what was your favorite part of night at the museum 2
  5. do you like guys that sing
  6. pick your fave movie (none contain any guys in the quiz)
  7. what letter do you want your guys name to start with
  8. what game do you like?
  9. what pet do you love
  10. are you bored yet

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Quiz topic: What movie star will I marry?