What Movie Should I Watch?

What movie should you watch? This quiz will decide for you!  

  ~King Oswald Octopus of the Jellyfish Council.

Created by: King Oswald Octopus
  1. Okay, so what type of movie?
  2. New movie or old movie?
  3. Animation or live action?
  4. How romantic should this be?
  5. Which movie would you like to watch? (Note: these are not the actual result options!) This is important! These movies are very close to the actual selection.
  6. What genre of movie do you want to watch?
  7. Which tagline sounds like a movie you'd like to watch?
  8. Filming locations for the movie?
  9. Pick a word! Quick!
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz? (I'm not giving you a choice so MWAHAHAHA!)

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