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  • I got the hangover. I've never actually seen that my parents won't let me..... I like napoleon dynamite that was the second one that movies funny. hey gimme some of your tots! no get your own!! what are you drawing? a liger gosh it's only like the coolest animal in the world! vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true..... I said some of those lines wrong oh well. the third answer was avatar that movie was boring I saw it in the theatre in 3d and without that it would be solo lame. so sitting at home watching avatar on your 5inch tv. you fall asleep, wake up what's happening? oh, they're still knocking down that tree. yup. this is awesome. ok sorry bye [c:

  • I got Napoleon Dynamite. Never actually seen the movie, but your description sounds like me. Now, Avatar was second, so I want to know, which Avatar did you mean?

  • it was otaaaay :)


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