What monster are you?

Halloween is a day where people dress up as monsters. But what monster are you? Find out what you should wear for Halloween and see what your inner monster is.

Are you a true monster? What are your monster traits? Take my Halloween themed quiz below and find out.if you don't get a good answer then my bad. Enjoy!!!!

Created by: Happy Halloween Guys
  1. How do you feel everyday?
  2. What would you describe yourself as?
  3. How popular are you?
  4. What traits describe you best?
  5. What phone do you have?
  6. Are you young or old?
  7. What is your class status?
  8. What is your high school stereotype?
  9. Are you on social media sites?
  10. Finally, what is your hair like?

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Quiz topic: What monster am I?