What mix of HSM and MCU characters are you?

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MCU and HSM are the best! Where do you fit in? This test requires me to Wright a long paragraph so ignore this: please remind us of what you need for the dance I was thinking that maybe we could live our chicken wings and dance some things about the good part of dinner and then we could maybe go see if Rocky could hang out at Starbucks tonight or maybe on Thursday but I have some things to do so don’t put that lampshade on your head

I have a bag for my family at the max grade and then I have a lunch and lunch with the kids at home 🏡 I think I will be back in the max at the max and I will be there for lunch 🥙 so you could text them and then text them to me and text back to remind you what they are saying and you have to text me back home or reply stop t you can save your number and send it to me and send it to you and then we can go to see if we could get it done and then we can go to see if

Created by: Chicken butt

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is you favorite emoji?
  3. Favorite color (again)
  4. Favorite food
  5. Watch the movies or read the book
  6. Vacation area
  7. Favorite subject
  8. What is you favorite animal
  9. What’s your favorite?
  10. Hobbies

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Quiz topic: What mix of HSM and MCU characters am I?