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  • Michael jackson is like the best person in the world to me..I'd rather be with him than to be with my dad..I miss him so much...I got an 89%..there are some controversy about him faking his death..where ever he may be dead or alive..he will never cease to be the true king of pop...I grew up with him..all my life I just wanted to see his face live..guess I never got to..(Sad)..if I were told that I would love another man more than my dad..I wouldn't have believed it......until I had gotten to know Michael jackson.

    Clint7 Jul 24 '14, 5:04AM
  • Billie Jean is an awsome song. Michael Jackson was the man who's amazing and deep music i grew up with. I love him and will forever love him. He is my inspiration to be someone and make a change. R.I.P King of Pop. I will always love you.

    Gleegurl224 Feb 15 '14, 12:56AM
  • Rock'n'roll!!

    LUXIE18 Sep 21 '11, 4:36PM
  • rip michael

    hiei Oct 25 '09, 6:03PM

    Jacobsgirl Oct 13 '09, 10:43AM
  • Rock on !!!

    Pstue Oct 9 '09, 10:51PM

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